Allxfans is a leading judgment-free, fan engagement platform that allows stars, models, and influencers in Africa to monetize their fanbase by converting them to paid followers. We believe that African X-rated content creators shouldn’t be handing over a high percentage of hard-earned profits to platforms with mediocre features and services so we created Allxfans! With Allxfans, you keep 90% of your earnings and we will always be transparent about fees or extras. Utilizing our added tools and features, you can earn much more from just subscriptions alone! Creators often double or triple their subscription income using features like tipping, premium content, Pay-per-pay-per-view messaging, customized content, and more. If you have questions about Allxfans please visit our FAQ page where you'll find all the information that you need to know about becoming a star and creating content on our platform.